Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Flowers Beds

Now that the veggies are planted, I focused my attention to the flower beds and the flower pots.  Last year my Dad and brother built these beautiful raised beds and I love them!  To help control the weeds, I covered them with mulch after planting the perennials. 

This is a picture of the side yard taken early this spring (March).
As you can see the perennials were quite small and I lost a few
despite the mild winter we had.  

I love the colors in this picture.  

The yellow yarrow grew so well this spring.  

The rose bush came back strong after being
trimmed back hard last fall.  It didn't bloom last year
so I took a chance and it paid off!

I found this at a thrift shop and it looks great
tucked in under the rose bush.  

The white geraniums and spikes in the container on my front
porch create such beautiful shadows in the morning!

I found this metal bird sculpture at a garage sale - a fresh coat
of paint and a few turns of a screwdriver  later and I have a
beautiful addition to the perennial beds.  As you can see, the
plants have grown quite a bit in the last six weeks.  In the bed
in the left are late summer blooming black hollyhocks.  

Cone flowers are a staple in a perennial garden
but these white ones are a bit less ordinary.  

These were commercially prepared baskets with
ice lemon petunias and these beautiful blue
flowers.  I love them. 

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  1. Such a beautiful garden! And i love all the extras in the garden too :)