Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Julie's 2012 Vegetable Garden

May was a sort of  "lost" month as I was recovering from a minor surgery (damn you, gallbladder).  Anyway, I didn't get to start my veggies from seed this year so I had to rely on commercially prepared plants.  However, the excursion was very interesting.  I am glad I went.   Here is what I planted this year:

mortgage lifter tomatoes
brandywine tomatoes
roma tomatoes
oxheart tomatoes
super 100 cherry tomatoes
melrose peppers
thai chili peppers
yukon gold potatoes
pole beans
lemon balm
garlic chives

These are the raised beds where my tomatoes, pole beans,
peppers, peanuts and herbs live.  The gray bin on the left
holds the seed potatoes.  I use the blue bin the middle to
raise the sprinkler so everything is watered evenly.

Last year the beans choked out my cucumbers early
(thank goodness I had a co-worker with  an endless
supply to keep me pickle-making process moving).  So
this year I have spread them out along the back of the
tomato bed.  This should allow them enough room.

The strawberries are on the left and the cucumbers live
on the right.  Last year  the cucumbers and beans were
fighting over the trellis so I moved the cucumbers to a
bin  by themselves.  

This year's experiment - peanuts!  I love how
well my camera catches the drops of water
on the leaves.  

This cardinal was very interested in the worms that came to the
surface of my raised beds after watering.  The picture was taken
from inside the house (through the screen).  

Melrose sweet peppers.

My rosemary plant came back from last year.  I used the last of the dried
herb from last year  at Easter so I was so excited that it came back
early this year. 

My old boss gave me the garlic chives and they are growing so
well in the perennial bed  that I left them there rather than moving them
 to the herb bed.  

My basil plant  - I can't wait for the tomatoes.  I've
been dreaming of  caprese salad with balsamic glaze
for weeks now.   

I will also be planting carrots and lettuce in rotating crops in containers - probably will start them next weekend.

What are you growing in your garden this year?

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