Sunday, June 17, 2012

How does your garden grow? Week 3

I had been doing well keeping up with the weeds in the vegetable garden, at least until this week.  When I finally got back there last night to check on them, it looked terrible!

This morning, I tried a trick I read about on Pinterest to control weeds.  In the post, the gardener used layers of newspaper covered with mulch to control weeds.  I am hoping that it will also keep the mint under control (I didn't read the back of the seed packet before planting it (without a pot) directly into the raised bed.  This spring it had taken over the bed and was even "oozing" out of the seams!

Here is a picture of how I did it and how it looked afterwards.  The second picture is an image of the super 100 cherry tomatoes.  I am really looking forward to home-grown tomatoes

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