Sunday, August 18, 2013

Farmer's Market Finds

We woke up early today and after stopping by our favorite local diner for breakfast, I headed to the Farmer's Market.  Lots of wonderful items on display this morning but I forgot my camera in the car.  I'll add photographs after my trip next weekend.    

My first purchase was a few Michigan peaches, which I could smell two booths away.  Although I had imagined grilled peaches with sour cream and brown sugar, hubby saw them and insisted I include them in his lunch box during the week.  Oh, well, grilled dessert will have to wait until next week.

My second purchase was a pound of blue potatoes.  Although I have eaten blue potato chips, I had never seen fresh ones available at the market or grocery store.  When I saw baby carrots in the next booth, I knew I would be roasting veggies for dinner.  

I peeled and chopped everything to a relatively uniform dice and tossed them into a bowl.  I drizzled with garlic olive oil, three cloves of garlic finely minced, salt, pepper, 1/4 of a diced onion, and Italian seasoning.  I tossed to coat and poured onto a foil lined cookie sheet.  I roasted them at 400 degrees for 25 minutes.  

Here is what they looked like . . . 

I served them with spicy cheddar chicken fingers.  Hubby was thrilled!  

Here is my plan for the rest of the week:

Monday breakfast - cottage cheese and cantaloupe
Monday lunch - leftover chicken fingers, leftover carrots and potatoes
Monday dinner - baked ham slice, stuffed mushrooms, baked apples

Tuesday breakfast - oatmeal with peach slices
Tuesday lunch - lunch meat sammies, peach slices, baked chips, and angel food cake 
Tuesday dinner - ravioli with meat sauce, garlic bread, cucumber and tomato salad

Wednesday breakfast - fruit and veggie smoothies
Wednesday lunch  - leftover ravioli, fresh cantaloupe, cucumber slices and dressing
Wednesday dinner - ground beef tacos with fresh salsa

Thursday breakfast - oatmeal with bananas
Thursday lunch - leftover tacos and salsa
Thursday dinner - bratwurst and peppers on a bun, fresh pineapple

Friday breakfast - cottage cheese and fresh fruit
Friday lunch - leftover sausage and peppers, fresh fruit
Friday dinner - french bread pizza, fresh fruit, cucumber and tomato salad

Saturday breakfast - pancakes with cherry compote, turkey sausage 
Saturday lunch - EAT OUT (Julie has a curriculum meeting all day)
Saturday dinner - grilled homemade pizza
My baked apple recipe is from a cookbook titled Cooking From Quilt County by Marcia Adams.  It is a wonderful book filled with recipes and beautiful images of the Amish and Mennonite Communities.  I highly recommend it.  


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