Friday, March 23, 2012

An Early Spring

After a very mild winter with less than 20 inches of snowfall (Chicago usually has closer to 60 total), we were blessed with an early spring.  The last week has seen record highs between 70 and 85 degrees and lows around 50 or 60.  We have had a few rain showers, too, and everything looks so green!  It is wonderful.

In honor of this weather, I decided to share some of my recently snapped photographs.  Since joining the Thursday Photo Challenge, I've been traveling with my camera everyday.  I hope you enjoy them!

The daffodils in River Grove, Illinois are peeking through the dead limbs from
 last year.   They are persistent fellows!

A beautiful flowing tree.  I shot this in Gevena, Illinois as I was traveling
to pick up our new compost bin.  I  passed  someones house and couldn't
resist snapping a few photographs.  

Same tree - just a closer view of the blossoms.  

This was taken in Addison, Illinois as I was traveling to work.  If they ever ban
photography  while driving (as they have with texting), I will surely be in trouble.
 I see the most interesting and beautiful things on my way to and from work.  

This was taken at the O'Hare International Airport expansion site in Bensenville,
 Illinois.  I couldn't resist the image of  "peeking through the hole" to witness
another sign of spring -- construction traffic.  In the back you can just
make out the dump trucks traveling along the new road.

It is hard to believe this was once a beautiful and thriving neighborhood
where families raised children -- Mayor Daley always got his way despite the
effect his projects would have on people.  I am glad he retired from public

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