Monday, August 6, 2012

Hauglin Family Reunion 2012

Every two years, my maternal grandmother's family gets together for a reunion.  My grandmother is the oldest of five siblings.  Both of her brothers have passed away so it is just the three girls.

Grandma, Great Aunt J & Great Aunt D, 2012
This year we met in Wisconsin Dells.  It was the first time we were in a more "touristy" area and while there was plenty to do, it distracted everyone and we didn't really have time to visit. Everyone was on different schedules.

In addition to the siblings photograph, we take pictures of each family and one picture of everyone.  Here is my immediate family.

From left to right in the back, my husband (in gray t-shirt), my brother (in light yellow t-shirt holding my nephew), my dad in the dark yellow t-shirt.  In the next row, me (pink t-shirt), my sister-in-law (red t-shirt), my mom (striped shirt), my sister (beige shirt).  In the front, my niece (blue shirt), nephew (green t-shirt), grandma, and niece (beige t-shirt).  

Here is everyone (except my cousin and nephew who left the night before).  

The tree became a metaphor for our family as it was huge and had a number of different branches.  The tree stood in the middle of cabins and provided not only shade but a wonderful meeting place.  

Here are some more pics of our time together.  

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